Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Have a Testimony

       Have you ever wondered if you were even worthy to give your testimony?

       Sometimes we view others' past and think "Well they have a better testimony because they've gone through so much. They'll be able to reach a broader audience." Your past is not what your testimony is all about. It took me a while to realize this.

       We all have testimonies because we've all struggled with sin.

       No one is perfect (as Hannah Montana sings). We can't make it without Christ. When we are able to show others how far we've come in our walk with Him and what we've learned because of the amazing grace and life He's given us, then our testimony becomes a true testimony. Testimonies are most definitely not about loathing in self-pity or wanting others to feel pity for you.

       While we are here on this earth, we will struggle with sin. We'll struggle with doubts, lies Satan throws at us, our own private trials we go through everyday, etc. These can become great testimonies and can lead people to Christ as well.

       Never underestimate God. He can work miracles in others through you.

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