Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Does That Make You Feel?

           How many times have you found yourself acting based on how you feel? Do you bite someone’s head off just because you’re in a bad mood? We’ve all done it before. Sometimes I treat people bad just because I’m not feeling the greatest. It’s not fair for us to do that. Sometimes we blame our actions on our emotions. Our excuse? I couldn't help it...I wasn't feeling well.. That's a lie from Satan because we can help the way we act. We can't help the way we feel sometimes but we aren't mindless robots, controlled by some force called, "Emotion". We have free will.
          This world bases every action on feelings. If you feel like eating chocolate, eat chocolate. If you want the girl, go for her. In a world that stresses actions based on emotions, it can be hard to stay sane and to have self-control.
          It’s easy to treat someone rudely when our emotions seem to take over us. Sometimes I am rude to someone just because my feelings take over me and I have a sudden urge of annoyance. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels or acts that way, but I know it isn’t right. We need to act in a Godly way. If God acted the same way we did, we’d all be in for trouble. Think about it: we think we’re good people. However, we sin everyday. Without Him, we are nothing. If God treated us based on our actions and because “we annoyed Him”, then we’d all be damned to hell.

            When everything in this world seems to be based on emotions, will we provide the stability and truth that they need? The contentment from satisfying our desires is short-lived. The guilt from treating others badly because of how we are feeling in the moment can overwhelm us. What will you choose today?

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