Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bad Cover, Bad Book?

Who are we to judge? Do we have the ability to read minds? We can't know before  we get to know someone what they'll be like and if they'll hurt us or not.
        So...I've noticed how often I judge people. I get so angry at people who judge me.. then I go behind their back and do the same thing. Before I even meet someone, I automatically start analyzing them. My preconceived notions often cause me to treat the person horribly.
       Everyone has issues. Some have trust issues. They come across as people who are cold and hard to get to know. Some are shy and judged as stuck up. We may very well miss out on getting to know the best people. Why not take the chance of being rejected? I have taken the chance to get to know some people I would have never given the time of day before and have become great friends with them.

         Who are we to judge? Are we the Creator of the universe? Do we know their thoughts? What they're going through? We have no right to judge someone we do not know. It's hard not to assume when we first meet someone. But we need to give them a chance. Everyone deserves a chance. Just because they come across as a horrible person, doesn't mean they're going to treat you wrong. Mayve it just looks like they're "mean" or "inconsiderate". Maybe they actually have a sweet, kind spirit but no one has taken the chance to find out.

       Sometimes people look odd. We automatically assume they're odd people. Looks don't equal personality. Beauty is only skin deep. We can't know before we get to know someone if they're going to be odd or not. Allow yourself to figure it out. Give them the chance to be real with you, to show who they really are. You won't regret it.

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  1. Awesome and so true! I do the same thing and it's such a nasty habit... keep up the awesome blog, girl!!! :D love ya!