Friday, November 26, 2010


       So yesterday was Thanksgiving Day.

       First Thanksgiving I haven't celebrated with family. Not to diss the family I did get to share yesterday with; they are great people and God has definitely blessed me by placing them in my life. However, family is what makes holidays so special and meaningful.

       America today is so materialistic. We want, want, want. The media knows that and plays off of our desires. Commericials are proof of this. Holidays become the season for greediness. Sure, people will answer the correct way when asked what their favorite part of Christmas is: family, friends, snow, caring for those in need, caroling, etc. However, if we dig deeper, we realize just how greedy humans are. Black Friday also shows this as people rush over each other, crowding and pushing to get what they want.

       I've realized just how awesome and blessed I have been for the past few years to have such a great family to celebrate holidays with. How many people can say that? America is full of broken homes. Sure, I may have been born in a broken home, but God blessed me with such an awesome, Christian family afterwards. Not very many people get that chance.

       We should all take into account the hurting of other people when we begin to grumble. Don't blame God. He hurts with you and cries with you. He wants to see you happy. We have so much to be thankful for. What are you thankful for today?
       Here are only a few things I'm thankful for:
1) My awesome Creator and Savior
2) The family he blessed me with, both biological and adopted
3) My great friends who continually show me they love me
4) The great oppurtunities He has blessed me with to serve Him and others
5) My new life here, which has most definitely proven to be a blessing both in showing how much I need Him and in how much I have grown in Him
6) Heat when it is snowing outside
7) Great people who come help pull me out of a ditch
        I could go on and on! God is so good! Sometimes it takes being all the way across the country to realize just how much we need Him and our family.

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