Thursday, March 3, 2011

He is Love

       How many of us have given our hearts away? I’m not asking how many of us have been in relationships, that’s a completely different question. Giving your heart away is something that can take place without being in a relationship. How many of us have had our hearts broken? Again, I’m not asking how many of us have been through a break up. I’ve never even had a boyfriend and I’ve had my heart broken before.

       When we give our hearts away so easily, it is easily broken. One night, I don’t even remember when this was, I was thinking about how easy it is for us to just give our hearts away. This may seem stupid, but I actually thought, “Heart, please stay in here. I don’t want you to break anymore.” I was tired of giving my heart away only for it to be broken right away.

        I wrote my parents who adopted me a poem when I was 13. I can’t remember what it said but it basically said, “My heart was broken into little pieces. You provided the yarn to sew it back together” I assure you it, of course, sounded a little more poetic. This metaphor stuck with me throughout the years as I thought about how fragile our heart is.

       If we can go our whole life not giving our heart to anyone but the one person we know will not break it, just think how our heart would look. It would be whole, with no scars or stitches. However, since we live in a sinful world, we’re going to give our hearts to fairy tales. We think everything is perfect. “Oh…he’s so perfect!” we may think…and then he breaks your heart and all of a sudden he’s the worst guy on the face of the earth.

       There is one who will never break our hearts. Jesus. Give Him your heart. Let Him hold it. You can rest assured that He won’t break it. Let Him watch over your heart. When we give Him our heart, He treasures it more than anyone on earth will ever treasure a diamond. He’ll hold your heart, mend its broken pieces and breathe a love into it that you may not have ever known existed. He will give you a hope that there is true love. There is hope. He is our love. He is our hope.

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