Monday, October 6, 2014

The Power of Prayer

Wow. I haven't written in forever. I mostly write on my Tumblr account.

I have something that has been on my mind lately and I felt the need to write on it.

What happened to my prayer life? It's withering, and with it so is my relationship with Christ. I remember feeling a closeness to Christ, knowing He was listening and always humbly waiting on a reply. I recognized the need for give and take in the conversations. So many times we fail to allow Christ to speak because we doubt He will speak to us anyway. Lately, I've been throwing up one-liners and "calling it good".

I can blame it on my busy life. I work full time hours. I'm a full time student. I volunteer in my "spare time". However, I still have free time where I find myself catching up on the latest book or movie rather than contributing to my relationship with Christ. I have done terrible at this. No wonder I feel like I'm in a desert with my spiritual life! It's my own fault. I can't blame anyone else. It's all about priorities.

You know, when I was little I used to kneel beside my bed in prayer. Every night. There was no exception, no matter how exhausted I felt. I'd kneel because that was the truest form of dedication I knew. And I wasn't even in middle school yet. I showed more dedication as a child than I am as an adult. How sad is that?

A small part of me knows what happened. Why I stopped kneeling. I was going through a rough patch in life and started to become overwhelmed with thoughts that God doesn't care. So I continued praying every night. But I was no longer kneeling. Those long prayers of confessing sins, talking about how awesome my day was (or how bad), how beautiful His creation is, etc. turned into quick "Lord, whatever I have done wrong today, I'm sorry. Amen." as if that was any consolation.

What a terrible relationship! Can you imagine that being all your spouse/mother/father/daughter/son/sister/etc says to you all day? There is no "Hey! How was your day? Mine was fantastic. Let me tell you about it." With this there comes an inevitable decline in the relationship. Communication is vital.

So this week (and always) I'm going to challenge myself. Instead of crashing after doing homework, I'm going to spend the last moments before bed kneeling, praying, and praising God. Even if it's for a moment.

"Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His face continually." (1 Chronicles 16:11)

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