Monday, December 6, 2010

Who Are You?

Our tongues have the ability to build up
 but they also have the power to destroy.
What are you saying about yourself?
Is it negative or positive?

"I'm stupid." "I'm fat." "I'm ugly."

       Have you ever muttered these words to yourself? We all say things like this. We can't believe the lies of the devil. He wants us to be torn. And he knows that the best way to get to us is by having us destruct ourselves. Self-destruction. The devil is crafty. He knows how to bring you down. He has been here for a while. He's been observing and watching us all since Creation.

       So, let's begin by looking at the things we tell ourselves. Sometimes we don't even realize we're doing it. But the smallest things we say can add up and we may start believing even the smallest and most unbelievable of lies. Watch what you say about yourself one day. You may be surprised.

       God is our Creator. Have you ever heard the song that says "You make everything glorious. And I am yours. What does that make me?" (

       Imagine this: You paint a picture. You are proud of it. You are satisfied with how well everything turned out. Now imagine the painting comes to life and starts telling everything and everyone (including you) how ugly it is. How would this make you feel? A little down? Yes, indeed.

       Now imagine how God must feel when you complain about how He created you. He loves that birthmark on your face or the cowlick you can't seem to hide. He loves everything about you.

       Our words are so powerful. Think about them before you say something so cruel about yourself or anyone else. Our tongue has the power to build up. But it also has the power to destroy

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